Code of conduct at Cyber Whale

A. Basic Rules of Work Ethics

  1. To work at Cyber Whale, it is essential to consider compliance and adhere to necessary norms when dealing with colleagues and clients. Diligent, timely, and clear adherence to client and tech lead preferences ensures the prompt achievement of results with minimal revisions.
  2. Crucial strategies and decisions essential for the company’s operation (in technical, ethical, financial, and organizational terms) are not discussed with clients without notifying and involving the managers.
  3. Every employee in our company can be confident that they will be evaluated solely based on their professional qualities. We stand against discrimination on any grounds and appreciate the individuality, personal stance, and cultural characteristics of each colleague. In case of any observed discrimination within the team, we take immediate measures to protect the rights of the colleague facing discrimination.

B. Confidentiality, Privacy, and Transparency

  1. The company’s policy emphasizes complete transparency and honest feedback with our clients, as well as the clients themselves and employees engaged in relevant projects. At the same time, we highly respect the confidentiality of our colleagues and guarantee that no personal data of colleagues, except those necessary for work activities, will leave the company. You can fully trust both our managers and the clients you work with.
  2. All work-related data handled by company employees is confidential, and all personal data of the employees themselves is private and is not to be disclosed to third parties, except in the case of intra-corporate interactions within the scope of the contract or special legal proceedings. Managers and clients, on their part, are also obligated to adhere to this directive.
  3. Adhere to digital security. When using the internet from a work computer, ensure the safety of corporate data you are working with, whether they are on your computer or directly accessible online through various accounts.
  4. We guarantee transparency in using artificial intelligence technologies in carrying out work tasks. The client must be informed that, in performing tasks such as content generation, coding, or management, we employ AI assistance.
  5. Whenever we collect others’ data, record audio/video materials with colleagues or clients, we always seek the person’s permission. Anything otherwise goes against the values of our company and our clients.

C. Organization of Working Time: General Provisions

  1. We provide a flexible work schedule, allowing the choice of working location (office or remote) and working hours from 10:00 to 19:00, with a one-hour lunch break. Short breaks for rest during working hours are allowed, and a slight adjustment to the boundaries of the working day is permissible.
  2. Communication among colleagues is welcome, but during working hours, focus should be solely on work-related topics, ensuring that a colleague can allocate time to you either immediately or later. By agreement, work-related issues can be discussed until 8 p.m., while other matters are better addressed before 10 a.m. The exception is high urgency, emergency situations, acute health deterioration, etc. Work-related issues are not discussed on weekends (except for compensatory time off or part-time work).
  3. Before taking leave, it is necessary to inform the department head and HR at least 2 weeks in advance, and before resignation, one month in advance. In this case, relevant applications (in 2 copies) should be prepared and signed by the department head or director after submission. Application templates can be obtained from HR.
  4. It is better to submit an application for sick leave than to jeopardize the project and the client with slow and poor-quality work.
  5. Before taking leave, it is necessary to notify the department head and HR in advance, and on the nearest working day, compensate for the time off.
  6. For us, the balance between work and life matters. We do not force our colleagues to live for work, spending more time on it than the regulated hours or tackling unmanageable tasks. We do not obstruct their desire to take a vacation or sick leave. Regular extracurricular events are held to help employees feel the company’s care, relax, enjoy good vibes, and interact with colleagues. We support employees’ desire to appreciate the results of their work at Cyber Whale in both work and non-working hours.
  7. When sending any application to the department head, also notify HR and PM, including placing them in copy when sending an email or message via messenger.
  8. For the most effective project coordination, if you live in the city where the company’s headquarters is located, it is recommended to work at the company’s office regularly, at least once a week. In other cases, rely on the goal-setting of the department head.

D. Organization of Working Time: Daily Provisions

  1. It is important to value each other’s time. Approach colleagues if you are sure that the information you provide will be informative, acceptable, unintrusive, and timely. Strive to structure thoughts clearly and concisely.
  2. Respect for time is one of the reasons why we actively use information search in browsers and with the help of AI. Practice shows that this is an effective strategy that significantly reduces micromanagement, saves managers’ and tech leads’ time, and positively influences colleagues’ ability to ask the right questions and efficiently find the necessary information. It is better to approach the tech lead or manager with well-clarified information and ensure that there are no remaining questions. These questions, compiled in a list, are discussed in subsequent calls or video conferences, after which colleagues return to improving previous tasks or completing new ones.
  3. Project management primarily relies on voice and video communication with the project group or individual colleagues. This allows for clearer conveyance of all project and task nuances, more precise regulation of work, improved coordination, and better time management, eliminating downtime due to lengthy and disorganized text-based discussions.