We create and customize digital solutions to scale your business.
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Our mission

Cyber Whale operates to bring you custom digital sevices with continuous delivery and all-parts-matter user fulfillment strategy.
As a foundation for this, we are focused on 3 success "whales":

Digital Whale


Agile Whale


Intelligent Whale


CW Solutions

Using a combination of best practices like Agile and contionous delivery, we ship flexible, efficiient, secure solutions for web, mobile, enterprise domains.

Airport managment system Aviation industry has shown a strong preference for out-of-box solutions equiped with domain business logic...

Restaurant Review System We help invidual restaurants and restaurant networks create discount systems, review and feedback systems.

Wordpress Universal Builder E-commerce needs? We created a universal Wordpress builder to facilitate the process or building e-stores out of box.

CW Intelligent DB toolkit Business Intelligence reporting is crucial for all levels of an organisation and considering this

CW Xandra BI Toolkit: In order to add intelligence to the data processing, we created a BI toolkit powered by machine learning algoritnms.

CW Parser Toolkits We create and make use of parser toolkits to collect economic, population, product data...

Digital services

Using a combination of best practices like Agile and continous delivery, we ship flexible, efficient, secure solutions for web, mobile, enterprise domains.

Native and Hybrid mobile apps We build native and bybrid cross-platform iOS and Android applications for your business.

Web: Frontend and backend Rich Web applications built with Angular, Node, PHP, Python,ASP.NET. Lightweight cross-platform solutions.

Creative services: UI/UX We build tidy UI for mobile and web after doing in-depth UX research.

Enterprise software Enterprise software solutions: .NET, Java, Scala- desktop and web applications for your corporate needs.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing We create business intelligence dashboards and reports with Tableau and PowerBI.

Machine Learning and AI Apps We create AI applications, using deep learning and machine learning algorithms.

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