Line of Business

We created Line Of Business solution, so you obtain instant digital presence, get a customized SaaS and start operating since day-1.

Our solution targets fintech, e-commerce, offline services seeking digital presence. With our solution you get yourself a customized SaaS 2 weeks or even less.

Feature-Rich CRM - SMEs friendly, startup-friendly .

Cloud ready - Shipped with CI/CD pipelines, Docker and Kubernetes.

Web and mobile  - Compatible with Web and Mobile out of box, featuring mobile app

Rich business logic engine - Machine Learning, Business intelligence modules included.

Intuitive and user-friendly - multiple stakeholders are taken into accound.

Front office/ Landing / Admin Pannel  - Suited for multiple perspectives, mutiple business roles.

SMEs and Startup-friendly: we work with small and medium-sizede companies and startups to connect financial, e-commerce and data operations with technology.

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